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A patient becomes a doctor.

Born in Kailua Hawaii, Dr. Joe received his 1st adjustment at 2 weeks old! Over the years, he experienced firsthand how chiropractic decreases aches & pains, supports the immune system, and creates optimal performance in all athletic endeavors.

Living a life ‘well-adjusted’, the benefits of chiropractic became clear. Health isn’t a pill or potion that affects the body from the outside-in. Rather, health is a process that emanates from the inside-out!

Raised outside of Atlanta GA, Dr. Joe graduated from our country’s largest chiropractic school, Life University with a Bachelors in Biology and Doctorate in Chiropractic. He has traveled internationally to multiple different countries for chiropractic humanitarian work, and has had the pleasure of teaching and coaching chiropractic students with their adjustment techniques in order to help them master their craft.

Dr. Joe utilizes Tonal techniques with a firm adjusting style. You’ll find his adjustments precise, thorough, and relaxing.